Make your development Mission Essential.

Take your training to the next level.

It started with a discussion: What would happen if a network of professional coaches got together and decided to put on a goalie camp? How would we raise the bar for the Summer Training Experience?

What would it look like and how would the format be different from the hundreds of other camps. Bottom line was all the coaches would be professionals who coach for a living. From the NHL, College Hockey, USHL, and bring together a collective of staff that works together in the paradigm of hockey at every level of advanced development.

The result was a massive success in the summer of 2020. So much so other coaches reached out and asked a simple question: “How do I get involved?”

Cut to 2021 and Tactical Hockey is expanding in a major way. We are growing from a goalie camp to both a Goalie and Player development camps with respective Boys and Girls divisions. This year we are also taking advantage of the massive coaching staff and putting on one of the biggest two weekend event coaching clinics in the country. 

We at Tactical Hockey believe in one thing: Your development is Mission Essential.

We want to help you both on the ice and off to become the best hockey athlete you can be and provide you insight in your path no matter where you are at on the ladder.

At Tactical Hockey we believe in doing things right and providing you the best value. When you join us for training at the state of the art facility Centene Community Ice Center, you get access to the finest arena in the country.

We employ full time camp staff of College Hockey equipment managers as well as professional Sports Athletic trainers for your needs including laundry done nightly.

Classroom sessions involve both our coaches in attendance and our network of coaches afar via only Zoom presentations.


This summer take the next step in your development.

Join Tactical Hockey for an experience like no other!

  • Summer 2020 Where are they now?

    Tactical Hockey was formed in the spring of 2020 with the goal to provide world class instruction and a unique unprecedented experience. Our students came from around the globe! This season includes playing in the following leagues/levels: High School, AAA, USPHL, NA3HL, NAHL, USHL, Great Britain National Team/IIHF, and United States Women’s National Team/IIHF

  • Championship Pedigree We’ve been there

    You name it, our staff has been there and won it. From Stanley Cups, Olympic Gold Medals, IIHF Medals, NCAA Championships, ACHA Championships, and even the Clarkson Cup. Join us to learn from the best and find out why we are made of champions.